Back on track

The 2015 Fall Classic snuck in between rainstorms.  We had a great morning around 7C with a light breeze.

With this run I seem to be back on track.  The 1:50:16 time was by no means a record for me (far from it, PB is 1:37:59 on the First Half, 2014).  Falling off of my Oct 2014 10k PB  (0:43:04) and then a solid 2014 Fall Classic (1:39:39) I didn’t give my self enough time to recover and by January found myself at a very reduced training level. Having worked myself back to where all is recovered I’m set to slowly ramp up on the training toward the 2016 First Half.

Ultimately the goal is to run for life, not a particular record. But, honestly, we all like to set goals that are just a little beyond our reach.  Mine had been a several year hunt for a BQT (sub 3:30:00 42.2k).  I’m thinking that I might target the next age group QT: 3:40:00 or even give it a bit to go for the next age category of 3:55:00 😉 In terms of my next half my target is 1:40:00 – 1:45:00.

 On the road again …  

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