Mid-year Review

Six months into 2015.  Two half marathons, one full marathon, one five k race.  The new year began with having to scale back on the volume of running as I allowed my body to catch up to my training.  An early January training run turned into the start of a series of physio appointments and worries about injury.  While nothing was specifically wrong I came to the realization that I needed to slow down the training pace and restructure my training a bit.  Essentially hip flexors and lower abdominal muscles were telling me: “slow down!”

The first run after cutting back was the First Half where I clocked in one of my slowest times ever: 1:55:19.  Only to be topped last week during my heatwave ScotiaHalf time of 1:58:37.  The First Half was physically painful as I essentially limped over the final km of the run.  The ScotiaHalf was excruciating due to the heat. As it turned out by the end of June all the aches and pains of early January were gone but now the cardio was below par. The unseasonably hot and humid Vancouver temperature (around 28C by the end of the race at 9:30 am) had some impact, but I can’t place all the blame on the weather. 🙂

Sprinting across Burrard Bridge.

Sprinting across Burrard Bridge.

Meanwhile I managed to have a great Canada Day Run here at UBC.  My 5km time was a personal course PB at 21:34 (15th place overall, 1/13 in age category), about 50 seconds off my 5km BP of 20:41.

Now it’s time to start building back.  My next two goal runs are the Fall Classic in November and the First Half early in 2016.

Half Year Running Totals, Jan. 1 – June 30, 2015.

  • Total km = 1129.
  • Median distance = 8km.
  • 122 individual runs.
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