New Year’s Eve running wrap up

Running to the finish, BMO 2014

Running to the finish, BMO 2014

2014 came to a close with a great 9.7km run through Pacific Spirit Park at UBC. A modest fun run to cap a great year of running.  This year I put in 3,536km with 325 individual runs (last year was slightly more at 3,574km and 328 runs).  Running races is fun, but to be honest it’s the regular runs that I do along the year with family, friends, and collegupges that are the most engaging.  Also nice are the runs that I manage to do while travelling for work or for pleasure.

This year I’ve been able to run in the following locales: Albuquerque, Calvert Island (Haika Institute),  Juneau, Lach Klan, Osaka Japan, Prince Rupert, Portland, and Washington D.C.. It’s a fun way to get to know a new place or to reconnect to a place one has visited before: seeing a place from the vantage of a run transform a location and always serves up surprises.

I’ve also added four personal bests this year.  Three overall PB’s and one race PB.  I’ve shifted my times for the full marathon to (finally!) under four hours: 3:59:15 (BMO May 2014).  The First Half  (Feb. 2014) brought my half marathon time to 1:37:59.  I pushed into new territory with my 10km time at the fall Rock & Roll  (Oct. 2014)with a 0:43:04 time.  Earlier in the year I set a personal best in the SunRun with a 0:44:15 time.

My goals for the coming year are fairly modest.  While I do plan on running the May Vancouver Marathon again, this year I am looking to simply meet or modestly beat last year’s time.  For the half marathon I’m currently training for the First Half in February again.  If I can run between 1:36:00 & 1:37:30 I will be pleased.  My primary goal, however, is just to keep running and aim for accumulating 4,000km total distance in 2015!

Happy New Year!

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