Trust your coach, trust your training!

Trust your coach, trust your training, trust yourself! A nice sentiment from a Canadian Olympic runner.  In teaching, something similar could be said: trust your teacher, trust your learning process, trust yourself.  At the start of any process, academic or athletic, one needs to be able to count on this triangle of learning – mentor, process, and self.

Since I began training with a running coach over a year ago now I have seen my overall fitness and running capacity incrementally build.  This can be seen tangibly in the personal bests (PB’s) that I have been adding up these past six months.

In March I ran my first competitive 5km course with a 21:06 gun time finish (21:02 chip).  Then in June I was able to pare off a few seconds to cross the 21 minute barrier with a PB time of 20:44 gun time (20:42 chip).

My Vancouver Sun Run times have been slowly improving over the past few years.  This April I set my new 10km PB with a time of 44:37.  My previous Sun Run time was 47:16.  I’m looking forward to pushing the time down closer to 40 minutes next time I run a 10km race.

My best improvement has been my half marathon time.  My previous half marathon times were around 1:46:00.  Running the Scotia Half this May I not only did a a PB, I pushed my time below 1:40 with a gun time of 1:39:28 and a chip time of 1:39:11.  It was arguably my most enjoyable run of the period.

In the Duathlon category – that strange combination race of running (2 sets of 5km) plus biking (20km)- I made a serious improvement cutting my overall time by about 5 minutes from my first time with a 1:24:58 time in March and then a further improvement of a minute faster to PB at 1:23:54 this past July.Eventually these times will plateau and then as time takes its toll slowly recede.  But for now I am still building up and improving my running fitness.  In three weeks I’ll run my third full marathon where I hope to continue adding to my PB list.

Ultimately this success comes from trusting my coach and my training.  I still have doubts in my self from time to time, but when I set that aside and listen to my coach improvements come forward.

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